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The process one walks on their way to their goal can be as fascinating as the end result. I can't be the only one who thinks as much, so this space has been cleared for those who like a peek behind the scenes. I pulled some older images from my previous blog to fatten up the place, but expect to have plenty anew to share too. Enjoy. read more
Production News
 Wow. It was so cathartic to erase all my Wordpress links from my site and replace them with this Blogger one. Here's to better communi...
What if I don't wear gold?
Not a gold person? I get it. No, I really do. This is my non-gold-person alternative. Just send me a message if you'd rather your chr...
The Westy
What camping looks like when the Westy is running. (ahem)
Gratuitous food shot.
I mean, this is a blog, right? Here you see fiddle head ferns and spring chives rocking the A.M.
Rods of glass
piled upon themselves. This pic is right before I snapped and needed to clean. For the record, it takes almost a year before I snap...
I'm nervous to post this because it's truly only the prototype. But isn't it cool? I adore cicada and I would love to work mor...
The fire
from my torch comes out of a mandala.
Pretty much typical-me while camping. Suit for the river, sweatshirt and bug veil for the mosquitoes, and either wine or coffee in hand. W...
My favorite pic of the summer so far.
My boys learning how to become riverwalkers.
A custom piece
I let a customer talk me into making. (I'm glad they did!)
from an antique shop.
Butterfly lures in the backyard.
See by my knee?
Hummingbird moth. Gosh, I fall hard for those little guys every time they show up.
A rare snapshot
of my studio without a mass of glass bits and shards piled around. Poor thing. It looks naked.

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